Bringing your Ideals to Life

What should you do when your ideas conflict with your values? Listen in to see what you can do when you come to the crossroads in life.

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Trusting God

Sometimes, we experience times of frustration in our life. We believe we're on the right track, trusting God and ourselves, yet things don't work out...
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How are we using our money? Who are we enabling? what guilt are we trying to over come? Answers to all these questions and more.


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Stress Free

We can live stress free! listen in on some good pointers that work if you try them


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Loving Ourselves Unconditionally

Today, I will work at loving myself. I will work as hard at loving myself as I have at not liking myself. Help me let go of self-hate and behaviors that reflect not liking myself. Help me replace those with behaviors that reflect self-love. Today, God, help me hold myself in high self-esteem. Help me know I’m lovable and capable of giving and receiving love.


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Artificial Energy

When you are hungry, tired, bored or have injured you body or don't know something what do you do?

Think about this question as we listen to todays reading.


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We did it by ourselves!

Hmmmm...did we really do it by ourselves? Did you do it by yourself?



Anger quick read

JUST SO YOU KNOW! Anger is...


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Lets Debate

Is it rude to purposely not return a phone call or message to someone that has called or text you more then once within one day?


Empower You

Today's topic come from Ralph Marston


Empower You...Think about it and what it means.


Credit: Daily Motivator - By Ralph Marston


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